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AghaRTA Gang
There Is Hope

ŠtÄ›pán MarkoviÄŤ – saxophone, Boris Urbánek – piano, keyboards, Vít Švec – double bass, Michal Hejna – drums

and guests
Luboš Andršt – guitar, OndĹ™ej Kabrna – piano, Matej Benko – piano, Roman Pokorný – guitar, ZdenÄ›k „Wimpy“ Tichota – bass, Martin Gašpar – bass, Jan Linhart – drums, Marek Paterman – drums, Imran Musa Zangi – percussion and Veleband

Luboš Andršt
Moment In Time

Luboš Andršt - guitars, OndĹ™ej Kabrna - piano, synthesizer, ZdenÄ›k "Wimpy" Tichota - bass guitar, Michal Hejna - drums
& guests: Michal Ĺ˝áÄŤek - soprano saxophone, Jan Hrubý - violin, Imran Musa Zangi - percussion

Luboš Andršt

Lubos Andrst - ac. g, Radek Krampl - vib, Jan Hruby - violin, Robert Balzar - b, Pavel Zboril - dr

Luboš Andršt
Acoustic Set

Lubos Andrst - g, Radek Krampl - vib, Petr Dvorsky - b, Michal Hejna - dr, Jaromir Helesic - dr

Matej Benko
Matej Benko - p, Jan Greifoner - b, Branko Krizek - dr

Distant Relative, Absence, Fairytale about Caroline, Lôro, Granny´s Room, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, All Fool´s Day, Universality – Piano Introduction, Universality, Chan Chan
Matej Benko Quintet
Time Against Us

Miroslav Hloucal – trumpet, fluegelhorn, Radek Zapadlo – tenor saxophone, Matej Benko – klavír, Tomáš Liška – double-bass, bassguitar, Pavel ZboĹ™il – drums, Miriam Bayle – vocal (guest)

Enrico’s Storytelling, Time Against Us, Birina, Little Explorer, Spacecraft, Early Heat, Periodic Excuses, If You Never Come To Me, Late To Say Sorry, Over The Rainbow

Behind The Clouds
290 CZK  CD
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Martin Brunner Trio
Behind The Clouds

Martin Brunner: piano, Martin Kapusník: acoustic & electric bass, Petr Mikeš: drums

Martin Brunner Trio
Still Warm To Touch

Martin Brunner: piano
Rastislav Uhrík: bass
Tomáš Hobzek: drums

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