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Irena a Vojt?ch Havlovi
Little Blue Nothing
Avantgarde or postminimal or underground or what?

Irena & Vojt?ch Havel - voice, Tibetian gongs, singing bowls, violoncello, viola da gamba, small drum, organ, percussions
Music that is saturated with soul force is the real universal music understandable by all hearts. If you want to rest lightly in hard times, we would not find a more ideal musical environment than the group Relaxace offers.

Jiri Mazanek - voc, g, sitar, Indian harmonium, Tibetian bowls, sounds
Karel Babuljak - zither, kalimba, zeer baghali, dholak, voc
Vlastislav Matousek - tablas, fuyara, Slovakian's double flute, kartals, chimes, voc
Dežo Ursiny
That Same Dance
An extensive project of an extraordinary personality of the Slovak modern music scene. This recording is a milestone on the border of blues, latin, rock and jazz.

Dežo Ursiny - g, Jaro Filip - keys, Andrej Šeban - g, kyes, Juraj Bartoš - tp, Rudolf B?ezina - fl, saxes, Richard Kroczek - el. violin, Aleš Charvát - bg, Emil Frátrik - dr
Ji?í Hodina, Marcipán
Sugar And Almonds In Equal Parts
moravian folk songs in new arrangements

Ji?í Hodina - vocal, violin; Martina P?ibylová - piano; Ond?ej Škoch - guitar, background vocals; Tadeáš Mesany - double-bass;
and guests: Leona Prokopcová - vocal; Štepán Škoch - clarinet, soprano saxophone, Irish flute; Vít?zslav Janda - tambourine, drum, hop
Dežo Ursiny
Do tla
Devoid of classification, always off beat and yet always at the head of modern musical and poetical thinking, beyond all undergrounds, the mainstream and other transitory trends, stand these two artists as maybe the only certainty which keeps the good name of Slovak rock alive.

Dežo Ursiny - g, Rudolf B?ezina - fl, saxes, Richard Kroczek - g, el. violin, Jaro Filip - keys, Vlado Kassay - bg, Lubo Sta?kovský - dr
Andrej Šeban
Pot Luck [Co dom dal]

ASH BAND – Andrej Šeban: guitars, keyboards, Marek Minárik: bass, Emil Frátrik: drums, Róbert Rist: percussion

& guests


Karel Babuljak: citers, indian harmonium, percussion, vocal
Aleš B?ezina: violin, ektar, percussion, vocal
Vlastislav Matoušek: tablas, gongs, metalophon, percussion, vocal
Ji?í Mazánek: vocal, guitar, sitars, tanpoora, indian harmonium, percussion

Tichá dohoda
I want to survive
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