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Bold As Light
399 CZK  CD
Stephan Micus
Bold As Light
Themes From The Songbook
399 CZK  CD
Giya Kancheli
Themes From The Songbook
Liber de Sancti Jacobi
290 CZK  CD
Liber de Sancti Jacobi
Dežo Ursiny
Do tla
Devoid of classification, always off beat and yet always at the head of modern musical and poetical thinking, beyond all undergrounds, the mainstream and other transitory trends, stand these two artists as maybe the only certainty which keeps the good name of Slovak rock alive.

Dežo Ursiny - g, Rudolf Březina - fl, saxes, Richard Kroczek - g, el. violin, Jaro Filip - keys, Vlado Kassay - bg, Lubo Staňkovský - dr
Step Across The Border
199 CZK  DVD
Fred Frith
Step Across The Border
In Step Across the Border, two forms of artistic expression—improvised music and cinema direct—are interrelated. In both forms, it is the moment that counts; the intuitive sense of what is happening within a space at a particular time.
Jean Derome, Pavel Fajt, Eitetsu Hayashi, Tim Hodgkinson, Arto Lindsay, René Lussier, Haco, Kevin Norton, Bob Ostertag, Zeena Parkins, Lawrence Wright, John Zorn and many others

Maria´s Song
399 CZK  CD
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Sinikka Langeland
Maria´s Song

Folk songs and music of J.S.Bach

Sinikka Langeland: voice, kantele
Lars Anders Tomter: viola
Kåre Nordstoga: organ


Karel Babuljak: citers, indian harmonium, percussion, vocal
Aleš Březina: violin, ektar, percussion, vocal
Vlastislav Matoušek: tablas, gongs, metalophon, percussion, vocal
Jiří Mazánek: vocal, guitar, sitars, tanpoora, indian harmonium, percussion

Tichá dohoda
I want to survive
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