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Blue Maqams
799 CZK  2LP
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Anouar Brahem
Blue Maqams

Anouar Brahem: oud; Dave Holland: double bass; Jack DeJohnette: drums, percussion; Django Bates: piano

A nacht in gan eydn
350 CZK  CD
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Prague Klezmerim
A nacht in gan eydn
jewish instrumental music and songs

Helena Divecká - piano, vocal, choir, percussion, leader; Tereza Rejskova - violin, choir; Michal Kostiuk - clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, recorders, percussion, rap, choir; Ruben Lang - violin, guitar, double bass; Tomas Bedrnik - bassoon, choir; Petr Vacek - vocal
Jana Lewitová
Lullaby Baby
premiere recording of Moravian traditionals in new conception

Jana Lewitová - vocal, viola, percussion; Ágnes Kutas - violin, viola, vocal; Hana Fleková - viola da gamba, vocal; Pavel Macák - double-bass, percussion
Prague Klezmerim
Yiddish Blues

Helena Rothová - piano, percussion
Tereza Rejšková - violin
Michal Kostiuk - clarinet, recorder
Ruben Lang - violin
Martin Vyhnálek - guitar
Tomáš Bedrník - bassoon

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333 CZK CD
Vince Mendoza

JAZZPAÑA is a showcase for the special compositional and arranging skills af Arif Mardin and Vince Mendoza, for the impeccable and dynamic section work of the WDR Big Band, for the exotic, extrovert artistry of Ramon El Portugues and Los Jovenes Flamencos, and for the assured and articulate playing of top jazz guest players Michael Brecker, Al Di Meola, Steve Khan, and Peter Erskine. Furthermore, JAZZPAÑA reveals Vince Mendoza as a composer and arranger of immense talent and imagination. This music inevitably prompts comparism with the classic Gill Evans - Miles Davis collaboration of 1959, Sketches of Spain.

WDR BIGBAND conducted by Vince Mendoza, Michael Brecker - tenor sax, Al Di Meola - electric guitar, Peter Erskine - drums, Dieter Ilg - bass, Steve Khan - electric guitar, Freddie Santiago - percussion 
Los Jovenes Flamencos:
Ramon ''El Portugues'', Juan Manuel Cañizares, Jorge Pardo, Carles Benavent, Rubem Dantas, Joselin Vargas, Paco ''El Americano''

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399 CZK CD
Gudmunson, Moller, Willemark

Per Gudmundson: violin, Swedish bagpipes, vocal, Ale Moller: mandola, flute, dulcimer, folk harp, vocal, Lena Willemark: vocal, violin, wood flute

299 CZK  CD
David Darling

David Darling: violoncello, 8 string electric violoncello

Elegie an John Donne
399 CZK  CD
Joseph Brodsky
Elegie an John Donne

Christian Reiner: voice

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