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Russian Music
290 czk  CD
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Nikolai Budashkin
Russian Music

Russian Overture for Orchestra
Concert Variations on a Folk Song (The Sleigh Gliding on the Ice)
The Legend of Lake Baikal
Concerto for Domra & Orchestra: Allegro – Dumka / Träumerei – Finale
Lyric Suite in Four Parts

The Ossipov Balalaika Orchestra, conducted by Nikolai Kalinin

Symphonic Works By Russian Composers
290 czk  CD
In stock
Kulikov, Gorodovskaya, Khrennikov, Shchedrin, Svetlanov
Symphonic Works By Russian Composers

Pavel Kulikov: Fantasy on the Russian Folk Song "The Ancient Linden Tree"
Vera Gorodovskaya: Concert Fantasy on the Waltz "Autumn Dream"
Tikhon Khrennikov: Russian Dance from the Opera "Frol Skobejev"
Rodion Shchedrin: Chamber Suite in Five Parts
Evgeny Svetlanov: Poem in Memory of W.M. Schukschin, "Red Snowball"

The Ossipov Balalaika Orchestra, Nikolai Kalinin

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