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F10274   [8595017427428]   released 5/2022

play all Deja Vu 47:30
Salve Regina 4:45
Ave Maria 3:38
Sanctus 3:26
Pater noster 3:45
Magnificat 5:30
Král slávy 3:41
Matko Boží 3:27
Deja Vu 3:02
Jedovatá tůň 2:47
Jenom on ví 4:06
I'll Be There 2:47
Někdo je sám 2:09
Týdny z látek 3:51

1. Salve Regina 
2. Ave Maria
3. Sanctus
4. Pater noster 
5. Magnifi cat (solo Barbora de Nunes-Cambraia)
6. Král slávy 
7. Matko Boží 
8. Déjà vu (lyrics by Jiřina Fikejzová) 
9. Jedovatá tůň (lyrics by Vladimír Merta)
10. Jenom on ví (lyrics by Vladimír Čort) 
11. I’ll Be There 
12. Někdo je sám (lyrics by Josef Vejvoda) 
13. Týdny z látek (lyrics by Pavel Vrba) 

PRAŽŠTÍ PĚVCI, choirmaster Stanislav Mistr

The encounters I have had with Josef Vejvoda over several decades because of music are gradually coming to mind. We have played together repeatedly in various compositions on the same stage or in the recording studio. In some cases, he has channelled his powerful imagination and high intelligence as a player into composing his own music. An outstanding percussionist, Josef Vejvoda has matured into a versatile musical fi gure. He has built upon the unique legacy of his father Jaromír Vejvoda, a composer of worldwide renown, and he has passed on the composing gene to his daughter Monika for a third generation. The Vejvoda family has held a place of importance in Czech 20th-century music in the brass band, dance, jazz, and classical genres...
Josef Vejvoda (born on 13 July 1945 in Prague) is a composer, conductor, bandleader, publisher, and percussionist. His graduation composition from the Prague Conservatoire in 1970 titled “MOTUS” made him the first composer to dare to write a jazz work as his graduation piece. In 1967 he won fi rst prize for percussion playing at a nationwide jazz competition. He was a winner in the jazz survey All Stars Band many times. He is known to the Czech and foreign public as a member of several musical ensembles. For example, in 1998 he founded the Josef Vejvoda Trio, with which he has recorded six albums. Very often, the trio has involved symphony orchestras or chamber orchestras in its projects and compositions. Josef Vejvoda has also worked as a conductor, guest conducting ensembles in the Czech Republic and abroad, such as the Czech Radio Big Band, the Brass Ensemble of the Janáček Philharmonic, the Gustav Brom Big Band, the Czech Army Central Band, the Mississippi Brass Band, and the Trinity Concert Band in England. In 2002 Josef Vejvoda had the unique opportunity to conduct the Band of the Castle Guards and the Police of the Czech Republic before a capacity audience in New York’s Carnegie Hall. Since 1969 he has been a member of the Czech Society for the Protection of the Rights of Music Authors and Publishers (OSA), with which he has registered 441 musical works as of 2021. I have personally witnessed the power of his music at rehearsals and repeated performances of the Concerto for Jiří Hlaváč. The music he writes is perfectly conceived and executed, so his works always make a tremendously spontaneous effect not only on listeners, but also on the musicians themselves. I have seen for myself that Josef Vejvoda’s compositions are of high musical quality, and audiences respond to their impact. They are also important for lending variety to contemporary Czech music in the realms of both instrumental and vocal works. I see his entry into the choral repertoire not only as expansion into a new genre, but also a demonstration of a possible new approach to the human voice and to writing for choral ensembles.
                                                                                Jiří Hlaváč (Prague, April 3, 2022)

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