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Songs From The Alder Thicket
549 CZK  2CD
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Ketil Bjornstad
Songs From The Alder Thicket

Vinding's Music

Disc one
Ketil Bjørnstad: solo piano

Disc two
Gunilla Süssmann: piano
Jie Zhang: piano
Norwegian Radio Orchestra
Christian Eggen: conductor, piano

In Concert
299 CZK  CD
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Ferenc Snétberger
In Concert

Ferenc Snétberger: guitar

Mistico Mediterraneo
399 CZK  CD
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Paolo Fresu
Mistico Mediterraneo

Paolo Fresu: trumpet, flugelhorn
Daniele di Bonaventura: bandoneon
A Filetta: voices

Seven Songs for Quartet and Chamber Orchestra
499 CZK  LP
Gary Burton
Seven Songs for Quartet and Chamber Orchestra

Gary Burton Quartet And Members Of The NDR-Symphony Orchestra, Hamburg
Gary Burton: vibraharp, Michael Goodrick: guitar, Steve Swallow: bass, Ted Seibs: drums
Conducted by Michael Gibbs

249 CZK  CD
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Cymin Samawatie: vocals; Benedikt Jahnel: piano; Ralf Schwarz: double-bass; Ketan Bhati: drums, percussion; Martin Stegner: viola

Trees of Light
299 CZK  CD
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Jormin, Willemark, Nakagawa
Trees of Light

Lena Willemark: voice, fiddle, viola
Karin Nakagawa: 25-string koto
Anders Jormin: double bass  

Mediaeval Inspiration
Kvinterna: Hana Blochová - vocal, portative organ; Milan Bílek - percussion; Pavel Polášek - bombarde (shawn), recorders, shofar, santur, vocal; Přemysl Vacek - lute; Petr Vyoral - treble fiddle;
& guests: Dan Dlouhý - percussion; Petr Filák - "ud" arabian lute; Lubomír Holzer - percussion, vocal; Michal Sodja - didgeridoo, shakuhachi, jew's harp; Libor Štětkář - vocal; Miloš Valenta - alto fiddle
Urlicht/ Primal Light
Not available
690 CZK 2LP
Uri Caine
Urlicht/ Primal Light
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