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Silence around
290 CZK  CD
Bizarre Band
Silence around

Klára Suchanková – vocal, violin
ŠtÄ›pán KlouÄ?ek – vocal, guitar
Dušan Nava?™ík – vocal, flute, metalophone
ZdenÄ›k DoÄ?ekal – piano
Pavel Husa – double bass
František Tomášek – accordion
František Otakar Kukula – drums

Filmy v hlavě
250 CZK  CD
Vladimír Merta
Filmy v hlavě

Skirting The River Road
399 CZK  CD
Robin Williamson
Skirting The River Road

Robin Williamson: vocals, harp, guitar, whistles
Mat Maneri: viola, violin
Paul Dunmall: tenor and soprano saxophones, clarinet, border pipes, ocarina, moxeño
Ale Möller: mandola, lute, hammered dulcimer, shawm, clarino, drone flutes, natural flutes, bamboo flutes, vibraphone
Mick Hutton: double-bass

Not available
399 CZK CD
Gudmunson, Moller, Willemark

Per Gudmundson: violin, Swedish bagpipes, vocal, Ale Moller: mandola, flute, dulcimer, folk harp, vocal, Lena Willemark: vocal, violin, wood flute

Na rozcestí
290 CZK  CD
more info
Na rozcestí

Markéta Zdeňková — vocal, guitars, piano
Štěpán Janoušek — trombone, vocal, cajon, electronics

Tibor Žida — guitar (6, 10)
Šimon Marek — cello (9)
Jaroslav Kovařík — bass guitar (10)
Camilo Caller — cajon (10)

399 CZK  CD
Randi Tytingvag

The Norwegian singer-songwriter Randi Tytingvåg has the power to light up audiences with her music. It is feel-good music in the best sense of the term, with oodles of charm. “Three” is her debut on the Emotion label, which presents styles of music outside jazz under the ACT banner. Tytingvåg’s ingredients for her music are many and varied. On her latest album she highlights in particular her singer-songwriter qualities and draws from the roots of American folk and country music.

Randi tytingvag: vocals, prepared piano, Dag S. Vagle: guitar, vocals, Erlend Aasland: banjo, guitar, prepared piano, vocals

Silent  Telegraph
290 CZK  CD
Jan Zubryckyj
Silent Telegraph
exceptional czech folk-jazz singer

Jan Zubryckyj - vocal, guitar, Peter Binder - guitars, Josef Štěpánek - guitars, Daniel Šoltis - drums, Rastislav Uhrík - bass, Sára Vondrášková - vocal
Písně vánoční
290 CZK  CD
Písně vánoční

christmas songs by the GINEVRA band

The name comes from the age of King Arthur - from the Scottish queen Ginevra. It was because of the fact that we were really interested in Irish and Scottish melodies.

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