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Trail of Souls
333 CZK  CD
Solveig Slettahjell, Knut Reiersrud & In The Country
Trail of Souls

American Roots in a Nordic mood: "Trail of Souls" links the American gospel and spiritual tradition with the Norwegian sound aesthetic.

Tears Of the World
399 CZK  CD
Mighty Sam Mc Clain & Knut Reiersud
Tears Of the World

Even Norwegians get the blues. On “Tears Of The World,” guitarist Knut Reiersrud and his band find themselves in the company of the 72-year old vocalist Mighty Sam McClain, originally from Louisiana. Together, they have dedicated themselves to the music of the deep south and have given impressive proof that, when it comes to playing hard-driven R&B, soul or blues, it's not where you come from that's important.

On June 16, 2015 Mighty Sam McClain died. „Tears Of The World“ is his last album and will remain as his legacy. The Blues- & Soulworld lost an outstanding artist.

2 Faces
Not available
370 CZK 2CD
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Roman Pokorný
2 Faces
CD 1
roman pokorny trio - live at "U stare pani"
Roman Pokorny - guitar, Ondra Pivec - organ, Martin Novak - drums, Radek Zapadlo - sax (7,8), Yvonne Sanchez - vocal (8)

CD 2
Roman Pokorny Blues Box Heroes
Roman Pokorny - guitar, vocal, harmonica, bass (12), Ondra Pivec - organ, electric piano, Tonny Smrcka - bass (except 12), Josef Ciganek - drums, Jamie Marshall - vocal (3,8,12), Radek Zapadlo - sax
Lost Blues Tapes/ More American Folk Blues Festoval 1963-65
399 CZK  2CD
Waters, Dixon, Williamson, Slim, Thornton, Guy a další
Lost Blues Tapes/ More American Folk Blues Festoval 1963-65

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