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Why pay by card in our shop?

– unlike cash on delivery, card payments are not subject to fees.
– There is no need to have cash available on receipt of your goods.
– We accept all MasterCard and VISA cards (including Maestro and VISA Electron).
– Payments meet the strictest security standards requirements (3D Secure)

More on card payment security
Our shop uses the payment gateway supplied by Global Payments Europe, which is operated in this country by its Czech subsidiary. This gateway allows retailers and traders to accept MasterCard and VISA cards during on-line transactions. International associations have introduced a standard known as 3-D Secure for the unique identification of all sides involved in any on-line transaction. This enables close contact between the issuing bank and the card-holder on the one hand, and between the retailer and the acquirer on the other. The security of the GP webpay system is enhanced by a digital signature attached to all data transferred between the payment gateway and the on-line shop.

The chief advantage of the payment gateway is the high level of security for everyone involved in the transaction – the card-holder, retailer (vendor), the issuing bank and the acquirer.

How it works
The GP webpay system is quick and secure for all sides involved in the transaction. The card-holder makes an on-line purchase and requests payment by card. The request to carry out this payment is taken up by a GP webpay dealer. The card-holder then fills in details about his payment card and verifies his request that the payment be made. The GP webpay system checks the authenticity of the card-holder using the 3-D Secure standard. If the verification result allows the payment process to continue, GP webpay sends a request for the authorisation of the transaction. If the verification result does not permit the procedure to continue, the payment process is halted. The authorisation request is passed on by the acquirer via interbank networks to the card issuer. The issuing bank authorises the transaction and sends the information back to the GP webpay system. GP webpay delivers evidence of the payment back to the Internet shop, which displays the result of the transaction to the card-holder.

What is 3-D Secure?
3-D Secure is a means of authenticating the card-holder. Each card processed through the payment gateway is checked by the relevant MasterCard or VISA association. It monitors whether authentication of the card-holder is required for the given card. In the case that authentication is required, the holder is redirected to the issuing bank’s system, where he confirms his identity (password, e-PIN, or some other secret information shared by the card issuer). The results of the authentication process are passed back to the payment gateway.

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