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Georgius Zrunek
Harmonia Pastoralis

2 masses from the collection Harmonia Pastoralis (1766)
or Playfully Serious Christmas
as the link between Advent and Carnival

Gregoriana / Ritornello / Michael Pospíšil

Tempus Nativitas
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290 CZK CD
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Tempus Nativitas

The third Album of Vocal ensemble Gregoriana — the second one of its series In illo tempore. It is called according to the liturgical season which it illustrates — Tempus nativitatis (Christmas season). The aim of the series In illo tempore is to revive the old Slovak musical manuscripts dated before 1600.

directed by  Jan Mikušek & Marek Klein

nova et vetera
290 CZK  CD
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nova et vetera

Slovakian (from Kosice) vocal ensemble Gregoriana comes with theirs second CD, this time led by Czech conductor Jan Mikušek. Nova (new), in the form of sacred choral works by contemporary authors, is here by the Vetera (old) in the form of Gregorian chant. Of Slovak authors are represented by Martin Bako, Mirko Krajči, Víťazoslav cubic Matthew Simko and Peter Zagar, other countries represented Libor Dřevikovský and Zdeněk Lukáš (Czech Republic), Fabio Fresi (Italy), Rihards Dubra and Renate Stivrina (Latvia), Vytautas Miškinis (Lithuania), Javier Busto (Spain) and Imant Raminsh (Canada).


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