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The music and singing in the Archdiocesan Seminary in Prague

CD I The Archdiocesan Seminary in Prague is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the renewal of its activities in Dejvice and the reunion of the Theological Faculty with Prague’s Charles University. This edition of recordings from 1996 and from the present documents the life of seminarians preparing themselves for service in the five Czech dioceses. In the 21st century, the Lord is still approaching young men and calling them to follow him and to serve his kingdom. The music and the singing of the seminary students gives insight into how they are trained—perhaps more effectively than many words of commentary.

CD II contains mostly sacred music ranging from Gregorian plainchant to works by modern composers. You will encounter various musical forms: the concerto, sonata, aria, song, and fugue; there is singing of psalms, motets, and even a love song, and there is also dance music. The recording is therefore a sample of the music that can be heard at the Archdiocesan Seminary in Prague. 

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